DBH Bucharest – Decebal Boutique Hotel - Distinction and refinement downtown Bucharest

Welcome to DBH world! A world of good taste, discrete and exclusive in which every guest is a guest star. Our rooms are intimate, elegant, with custom made furniture, especially designed to ensure the comfort you need for a memorable and relaxing stay.

We know how difficult it can be to get organized in a foreign city. That’s why, we implemented a system with professional integrated services, through which you can constantly access all that you need, from top quality business solutions to relaxing or fun. No matter the activities you want – sports, SPA, city tours, culinary experiences or night life – at DBH you will always find the best variants, personalized according to your wishes, but also people that are especially trained to guide you. Promptitude is one of the values we most price and our friendly staff will be there for you offering permanent support every time you need it. 

The strategic location is one of DBH’s main advantages. We are located in the northern part of the Capital, near the main business area (Pipera), Promenada and Băneasa Mall, but also near one of the most appreciated food&entertainment areas (Calea Floreasca-Barbu Văcărescu-Herăstrău). Victoriei Square, Romanian Govern, Village Museum and Antipa Museum are also nearby and the Old City is only 3 km away. 

No matter the purpose of your visit to Bucharest, here, at DBH, we transform every journey into a vacation!